E14-Money Bags Parcels of crispy pastry filled with minced chicken, corn, peas, carrots and onion. 4pcs for 14

E13-Fresh Spring Rolls Thai style rice paper rolls stuffed with fresh garden salad and a choice of delicious marinated fillings. (p) 2 pcs for 15 (c) 2 pcs for 15 (tofu) 2 pcs for 15 (pork) 2 pcs for 15

E12-Chicken Curry Puffs Delicate puff pastry parcels of delicious chicken mince, potato, vegetables and spicy curry powder. Served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. 3pcs for 12

E10-Stuffed Chicken Wings Crispy skin, meaty and unique de-boned chicken packed full of a delicious stuffing of minced chicken, vegetables and glass noodles, served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. 2pcs for 15

E9-Tasting Plate Assorted selection of Entrees with sweet chilli dipping sauce, great for 2 people to share. 2 pieces each of vegetarian spring rolls, fish cakes, satay chicken, money bags curry puffs and chicken wings. 38/plate

E6-BBQ Pork Grilled and seasoned BBQ pork on skewer served with sticky glutinous steamed rice. 4pcs for 18

E3-Fish Cakes Thai Fish Cakes with aromatic red curry paste and lime leaves. Seasoned with herbs and served with sweet chilli dipping sauce. 4pcs for 14