ginreab thai

Ginreab means clean plate Ginreab (pronounced gin-ree-arb), in the Thai language means ‘clean plate’.

At Ginreab Thai, our goal is to provide you, our valued customers, with an authentic Thai dining experience you will not forget. When you leave our restaurant or finish your take-away meal, we will only be happy when your plate is clean and you remark …”that was amazing food”.

For those lucky enough to have visited Thailand, you will instantly recognise the attention to detail in reproducing what has made the traditional Thai dine-in and take-away ‘noodle-shops’ famous … that is quick service, healthy, good value for money, filling, fresh and delicious meals that are made to your order by Thai chefs using a blend of only the freshest local, home grown and Thai ingredients available.

Ginreab Thai recipes are derived from original and world famous recipes common to central and northern Thailand. 

The balanced use of a selection of Thai herbs, spices, chilli and curry, combined with aromatic sweet Jasmine rice (Kao Suay), glass bean noodles and a choice of fresh, tender meats and seafood, stacks of vegetables and plenty of delicious sauces will make every meal bring back those fond memories of the culinary delights that Thailand has to offer.

At Ginreab Thai we believe in a sustainable future for our children, which is why we only use packaging with minimal environmental and social impact.

We are also conscious of your health and the fact everyone has their own needs in this respect. Although Thai food is universally recognised as some of the healthiest food on the planet, we may be able to cater for your special needs whether that be, vegetarian or simply the spiciness of your food. All you need to do is ask our wait staff or advise us of any allergies before you order.  We will do our best to accommodate, however traces of allergens may be present.

No MSG is used in any of Ginreab Thai recipes.

Choose your chilli level

You should be aware that chilli is a common herb in Thai cooking and comes in varying degrees of spiciness. If unsure of how ‘hot’ you want the taste, we suggest trying ‘mild’ for starters. Then you are welcome to upgrade to medium or hot to suit your taste on your next visit.

As you become familiar with Ginreab Thai recipes, you are always welcome to add your personal choice when you place your order, for example no salt, less sugar, less meat or more vegetables. All food is prepared to your personal preference to maintain the freshness we aspire to in our cooking.