chef's specials menu

all chef's specials menu items are available for take-out or home delivery.

FREE delivery on orders over $100

no added msg is used in any of ginreab recipes

A selection of Traditional Thai Style Cool Herb Teas are available for purchase, as well as soft drinks, waters and fruit juice drinks from the fridge.

BYO drinks are welcome. A $2.00 corkagewine icon charges per person applies.

You should be aware that chilli Image of a red chilliis a common herb in Thai cooking and comes in varying degrees of spiciness.

If unsure of how "hot" you want the taste, we suggest trying "mild" for starters.

Then you are welcome to upgrade to medium or hot to suit your taste on your next visit.

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(p) prawn   (c) chicken   (b) beef   (s) seafood   (v) vegetables   (f) fish

    • Crispy Pork Belly

      Succulent, mouth-watering crispy pork belly dishes with a choice of ginger, garlic, chilli jam and asian vegetables.

      Crispy Pork Belly

    • Crispy Pork Belly Chilli Jam

      Crispy Pork Belly with chilli jam.

    • Crispy Pork Belly Garlic

      Crispy Pork Belly garlic and chilli with asian vegetables.

    • Crispy Pork Belly Ginger

      Crispy Pork Belly ginger with asian vegetables.

    • Spicy Seafood Dishes

    • Talay Kee Mou

      Spicy seafood stir fried with hokkien noodles.

    • Talay Pad Cha

      Spicy seafood stir fried with thai herbs.

    • Special Fried Rice

      Always a crowd pleaser. This special fried rice is delicious with its mouth watering big prawns and the curry and sweetness .. perfection!

      Kao Ob Supparod

    • Kao Ob Supparod

      Curry prawns with pineapple and sultanas.

    • Roast Duck Dishes

      There's a world of choice when it comes to meat, don't feel you need to stick to chicken and beef! Try some of our delicious duck dishes below.

      Duck Curry

    • Duck Red Curry

      Duck in spicy red curry sauce with lychee, pineapple and cherry tomatoes.

    • Duck with Ginger

      Duck with ginger stir fry asian vegetables.

    • Duck Broth

      Duck in a clear soup broth with rice noodles and vegetables.

    • Special Curries

    • Choo Chee Pla Grob

      Barramundi fillets in thick red curry sauce with mixed vegetables.

      Choo Chee Plab Grob

    • Goong Pad Pong

      Prawn or seafood stirfry with spicy curry powder and mixed vegetables

    • Jungle Curry

      (c) $25   (b) $27
      Hot spicy curry sauce with choice of fillings.

    • Ho Mok Talay

      Steamed spicy seafood curry with vegetables, herbs and egg.

    • Sizzling Dishes

    • Goong Gratiam Prik Thai

      Stir fried garlic prawns and mixed vegetables served on a sizzling hot plate.

      Goong Gratiam Prik Thai

    • Sizzling Thai Lamb

      Stir fried thai style seasoned lamb and mixed vegetable served on a sizzling hot plate.

      Sizzling Thai Lamb