Lunch and Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu - Pad Thai

All Dinner Menu items are available for dine-in, take-out or home delivery

Delivery Fee $15

Photos shown in this menu are representative of dine-in servings. No added MSG is used in any of Ginreab recipes.

Please advise of any allergies or dietary requirements at the time of ordering.

We will do our best to accommodate, however, traces of allergens may be present.

Menu subject to variation/availability without notice.

A selection of Hot Teas is available for purchase as well as various soft drinks, water and fruit juice drinks from the fridge.

Note: Takeaway Menu Prices are shown and attract a 10% discount on Dine-in prices.


BYO drinks are welcome. A $2.00 corkagewine icon charges per person applies.

Saturday & Sunday incur a 10% surcharge.

All Public Holidays incur a 20% surcharge.

You should be aware that chilli Image of a red chilliis a common herb in Thai cooking and comes in varying degrees of spiciness.

If unsure of how "hot" you want the taste, we suggest trying mild, although you are welcome to upgrade to medium, hot or Thai hot to suit your taste.

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(p) prawn   (c) chicken   (b) beef   (s) seafood   (v) vegetables   (f) fish

    • Entrees

      All Ginreab Thai entrees are lovingly handmade in-house by our Thai cooks.

      Satay Chicken

    • E1-Spring Rolls

      Filled with glass bean noodles and savoury vegetables and served with sweet chilli dipping sauce.
      (p) 4pcs for 14 (c) 4pcs for 12 (v) 4pcs for 10

    • E2-Satay Chicken Sticks

      Exotic Thai style char-grilled chicken fillets on skewer smothered with Air's special satay peanut sauce.
      4pcs for 14

    • E3-Fish Cakes

      Thai Fish Cakes with aromatic red curry paste and lime leaves. Seasoned with herbs and served with sweet chilli dipping sauce.
      4pcs for 14

      Thai Fish Cakes available at Ginreab Thai Restaurant

    • E4-Thai Style Prawn Crackers

      Crispy and zingy crackers served with chilli jam.
      6 a bowl

    • E5-Fried Chicken Wings

      Tender & finger-licking aromatic lemon grass, turmeric, garlic & black pepper marinated chicken.
      6pcs for 14

    • E6-BBQ Pork

      Moo Ping
      Grilled and seasoned BBQ pork on skewer served with sticky glutinous steamed rice.
      4pcs for 18

    • E9-Tasting Plate

      Assorted selection of Entrees with sweet chilli dipping sauce, great for 2 people to share.
      2 pieces each of vegetarian spring rolls, fish cakes, satay chicken, money bags curry puffs and chicken wings.

    • E10-Stuffed Chicken Wings

      Crispy skin, meaty and unique de-boned chicken packed full of a delicious stuffing of minced chicken, vegetables and glass noodles, served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.
      2pcs for 15

    • E11-Thai Steamed Pork and Prawn Dumplings

      A classic Thai street food treat of wonton wrapped and steamed parcels of deliciousness, that are hard to resist. Served with soy dipping sauce.
      6pcs for 18

    • E12-Chicken Curry Puffs

      Delicate puff pastry parcels of delicious chicken mince, potato, vegetables and spicy curry powder. Served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.
      3pcs for 12

    • E13-Fresh Spring Rolls

      Thai style rice paper rolls stuffed with fresh garden salad and a choice of delicious marinated fillings.
      (p) 2 pcs for 15 (c) 2 pcs for 15 (tofu) 2 pcs for 15 (pork) 2 pcs for 15

    • E14-Money Bags

      Parcels of crispy pastry filled with minced chicken, corn, peas, carrots and onion.
      4pcs for 14

    • Traditional Thai Soups

      Thai soups feature incredible flavors and are ultra comforting — guaranteed to lift your spirits and brighten your mood.

      Tom Yum Goong

    • S1-Tom Yum Goong

      Famous Thai spicy soup with prawns, seasoned with lemongrass, lime leaves & chilli.

    • S2-Tom Kha Gai

      Tender chicken pieces in an aromatic creamy coconut soup with lemongrass, coriander & galangal.

    • Noodle Soups

      Thai noodle soups, infused with fragrant Thai flavor that soothe both your body and soul.

      Kwiteou thai rice noodle soup

    • NS1-Kwiteou

      Rice noodle soup with vegetables.
      (s) 28 (p) 25 (b) 24 (c) 22 (v) 20

    • NS2-Kwiteou Tom Yum

      Spicy rice noodle soup with vegetables.
      (s) 28 (p) 25 (b) 24 (c) 22 (v) 20

    • NS3-Kwiteou Curry

      Curry rice noodle soup with egg and vegetables.
      (s) 28 (p) 25 (b) 24 (c) 22 (v) 20

    • Spicy Salads

      Thai salads are invariably a taste sensation - a balance of sweet, sour, salty and spicy!

      Yum Talay Spicy Salad at Ginreab Thai

    • SS1-Yum Woonsen

      Pork mince, prawns and squid with glass bean noodles, fresh salad vegetables and red chilli, topped with our special fresh Thai herb sauce.

    • SS2-Yum Neur

      Thinly sliced grilled beef OR pork with our special fresh Thai herb dressing, cucumber and tomato.

      Yum Neur Moo

    • SS3-Yum Talay

      Spicy seafood salad with herbs and unsalted cashew nuts.

    • SS4-Som Tum

      Paw Paw Salad (subject to availability).

    • SS5-Thai Laarb Salad

      Choice of pork OR chicken mince salad.

    • Rice

      Just how it's made in Thailand! Made in moments and has a delicious fragrant flavour.

      Kao Pad Rice dish at Ginreab Thai

    • R1-Fried Rice

      Thai-style stir fried rice with vegetables.
      (s) 28 (p) 25 (c) 20 (v) 19 (b) 23

    • R2-Jasmine Rice

      Thailand's prized steamed Jasmine white rice.
      Large 8 .. Small 4

    • R3-Sticky Rice

      Sticky glutinous steamed white rice.
      Large 10 .. Small 5

    • R4-Coconut Rice

      Thailand's prized steamed Jasmine rice and coconut milk.
      Large 10 .. Small 5

    • Noodles

      Pad Thai is perhaps the most well-known Thai noodle dish but there's so much more to enjoy where Thai noodle cuisine is concerned.

      Pad Thai Ginreabs popular dish of fried rice noodles with egg and a choice of fillings

    • N1-Pad Thai

      Famous & popular Thai dish of fried rice noodles with egg, with a choice of fillings & topped with crushed unsalted peanuts.
      (s) 30 (p) 26 (c) 22 (v) 20 (b) 25

    • N2-Pad Woonsen

      Choice of fillings stir fried with mixed vegetables & glass bean noodles.
      (s) 30 (p) 26 (c) 22 (v) 20 (b) 25

    • N3-Lad Na

      Choice of fillings, stir-fried with thin & soft rice noodles and vegetables in a delicious Thai style gravy sauce.
      (s) 32 (c) 24 (v) 22

    • N4-Spicy Hokkien Noodle

      Spicy Hokkein Noodles
      Stir fried with mixed vegetables & spicy yellow egg noodles.
      (s) 30 (p) 26 (b) 25 (c) 22 (v) 20

    • N5-Pad Mee

      Thin rice noodles, stir-fried with green vegetables.
      (s) 30 (p) 26 (c) 22 (v) 20 (b) 25

    • N6-Pad See Ew

      Thick flat rice noodles, stir-fried with green vegetables and egg in Soy Sauce.
      (s) 32 (p) 28 (c) 24 (v) 22 (b) 27

    • Curries

      All curry dishes are made to your "heat".  Preference of mild, medium or hot.

      Green Curry

    • C1-Pumpkin Curry

      Steamed pumpkin curry in a delicious red curry sauce.
      (s) 30 (p) 30 (b) 28 (c) 25 (v) 24

    • C2-Green Curry

      The traditional hot Thai green curry with coconut milk, green curry paste & spices.
      (s) 30 (p) 30 (b) 28 (c) 25 (v) 24

    • C3-Musaman Curry

      Mild curry with potatoes, peanuts, chopped onion & spices.
      (s) 30 (p) 30 (b) 28 (c) 25 (v) 24

    • C4-Panang Curry

      Gaeng Pannang
      Thick red spicy curry sauce with vegetables and crushed peanuts in coconut milk.
      (s) 30 (f) 33 (p) 30 (b) 28 (c) 25 (v) 24

    • C5-Red Curry

      Aromatic hot Thai Curry with coconut milk & red curry paste.
      (s) 30 (p) 30 (b) 28 (c) 25 (v) 24

    • C6-Hung Lae

      Traditional Thai North Spicy Pork Curry with a complex array of flavours combines to make an unforgettable dish.

    • Hot Wok Stir Fries

      Delicious stir-fry meals straight from our Thai kitchen, where heat seals in the flavours and the textures!

      Pad Met Mamung Gai hot wok stir fry

    • SF1-Chicken and Cashew Nuts

      Chicken with vegetables and unsalted cashew nuts in a light spicy sauce.

    • SF2- Oyster Beef

      Beef with vegetables in a light oyster sauce.

    • SF3-Basil Stir Fry

      Basil and fresh chilli stir fry with vegetables.
      (s) 30 (p) 30 (b) 28 (c) 25 (v) 24

      Pad Bai Krapoa

    • SF4-Sweet and Sour

      Pineapple and a delicious sweet and sour sauce with vegetables.
      (p) 30 (f) 30 (c) 25 (v) 24

    • SF5-Ginger Stir Fry

      Fresh ginger and spring onions with vegetables.
      (f) 30 (p) 30 (b) 28 (c) 25 (v) 24

    • SF6-Black Pepper Beef

      Black pepper beef with spring onions and garlic.

    • SF7-Peanut Satay Chicken

      Tender chicken pieces in Air's own special delicious peanut satay sauce.

    • BYO

    • Bring your own

      $2 corkage charges per person apply
      BYO Drinks are welcome.

    • Desserts

    • Thai Desserts

      A selection of Thai desserts will be available subject to availability on the day.

      Please ask your wait person.

    • Kids Meals

    • Kids Meals

      Fish and Rice 12

      Fried Rice Chicken 12

      Chicken Wings with Rice 12